Friday, August 1, 2014

RF & F Part 1

          Its not like I don't have enough projects going. Epic city table, FoF, Zombies, Colonials, and M&T. Why not start 15mm Regimetial Fire and Fury too. Well I always play it at the HMGS cons. I have a great time and it would be easy to teach others how to play. The plan is to buy most of it. GeoHex for terrain, and ebay or flee market entire armies.

         First go around I picked up painted 15s at 20 cents a dude. They just needed so love and rebasing. It took forever. In that time space I gobbled up more in the same state. This is going to take forever. I should have bloodly well commissioned the whole project.

         Anyhow these are the first two units. 8 Stands each. The North got a CMD stand in there. But for the most part I will be focusing on INF stands.



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