Thursday, August 28, 2014

City Table "ruins" part III

          The plasma burn building is done. This is one of the special buildings. It will be used in a mission and as objective.

          This is one of four buildings that were busted apart with LN2. (Liquid Nitrogen) All of them were Librariums. Now some of you may cry, knowing I destroyed a Forge World building. I have been gobbling up all the cheap ones off of ebay, purchasing individual's collections. Plus I picked up a shit ton of copies. If you don't have one, your in luck. I stopped buying.
Forge World Librarium
          I used inks and MIG weathering powders to get the look of boiling plasma melting its way down through the building.
          The "base" that the building rests on is the same size as the Tank Factory or the length of the long straight road.

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