Thursday, September 4, 2014

City Table "Ruins" part IV, ebaying

          Two set of buildings, both from Ebay. I got 2 of the resin sets and 6 of the wooden sets. The resin sets are complete building. The wooden set are all ruined. I had thought I ordered wooden ones that were complete. Can't remember.

Got Wood?

Wood 1

Wood 2

Wood 3 & 4

Wood 3 close up. I think its done. Maybe a touch of MIG weathering? A dry brush of metal?

          Also gobbled up a set of 5 FW painted buildings. In truth its 3 complete structures and one that has been sawed in half. Original idea sort of. Still at 150 for 5 cleaned, primed, and painted it was a steal. It would have taken maybe a weeks worth of time to complete them. I don't have the time.

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