Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Table part VII

          Not much at all has occurred with the GW realm of battle tiles. I have been dragging it out. First I needed to create more road sections. Then there were 2 weddings and an AT. What I was able to complete was buildings. Can't have a city without buildings.

         In actuality I got lost for a bit. I wondered how flexible the city would be. Would I lose interest in playing the same lay out? Would the board soon be mastered? How can I avoid these issue?
         Also the fact that the end product would not match my vision. I needed to redefine and write down that vision. I needed a goal! "Cold Wars" I will finish the table in time for Cold Wars and have a scenario tested.

          What has been done? The first "Hill" section is layed out and glued down. After I sink a few pillboxes into the incline, the painting will start. The first "Flat" section is layed out.

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