Monday, September 8, 2014

City Table "Ruins" part VI

          Everything thing you need is right here. Go ahead click it. The rules, tourney pack, and all the lists are available for download. Its in PFD and IT IS FREE!  And make sure you get the "EPIC TOOL."
         Don't be afraid. The total rules are roughly 26 pages.Epic lives on, updated, play tested, and free!

          The other 3 Librariums that were smashed in LN2. They are placed together in the original Epic building pattern. The building is based on the Tank Factory foot print. (The foot print STD will allow for building lay out a little different each time.) Chunks of plastic card was used for the tile. The fill between the 3 buildings is white glue and flock.

          Initially primed dark green with a light green angle spray. The rubble inbetween was turned into another sea of boiling plasma. This time it was inked blue, yellow, dry brushed white, and finished off with MIG weathering powders. Some details were picked out and the roof tiles painted.
Forge World Librarium

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