Friday, April 21, 2017

Time management

          I have one main project, 20mm Sudan. There is a cubic butt ton of minis to paint. Yet at different stages I am stuck waiting for stuff to dry. The wall plaster on bases, polyurethane dip, washes, and so on. My side project is 6mm Desert terrain. Same issues.

        Perfect example of a day bouncing between projects as things dry.

         Ansar dudes getting bases level and flocked. The Ansar without the wall plaster, leveling out the miniatures stand to the sand floor, is missing it's flag dude. So it waits on flaggy McNoShow.
          Buildings started and finishing touches. I needed to paint the churches together. In the hope they would come out the same.
All of these items need to get finished. My space is limited and dudes are on blocks ready to go.
         I am swopping between the wet palette for details and the bottom of a base for dry brushing/washes/white glue.
          I MoFo-ing hated these brushes. I won them as prize support many years ago. Never ever liked them.  With that some how my years of hate has made this one turn into my favorite for building and base edging.

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