Saturday, April 15, 2017

6mm desert terrain "Buildings"

           Once again working through the Gamescraft 6mm Desert terrain. Way back prior to Xmas I ordered a cubic butt ton. All were sprayed with a texture followed by a white. The single hut, one room jobs were left that way. They can be seen one one of this years Adoption tables. As for the rest of the buildings, I wanted a more than remote village look.
           I am lucky enough to have served in areas where this building style was popular. The construction materials are roughly the same here in Argentina. Wandering around the city I could personally see current construction and building being leveled.

          I have nailed down a painting technique for these buildings. Now I can start to bang them out quickly. (It is recorded here for future reference.)

One; Whole thing is washed in watered down Army Painter Strong tone. Any rubble washed in Dark tone.
Two; Light sporadic dry brush of Vallejo 120, followed by even less and more sporadic dry brush of Foundry 67C.
Three; Any exposed wall is block in with Vallejo 146. Same area hit with Vallejo 139 picking out  bricks within. All windows and open doors are done with Foundry 101C.
Four; Burnt earth and a black pigment is used to recreate the battle and fire damage.
Details in red or blue, flocking and sealed.

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  1. I like the buildings. Are you using them with your Realm of Battle board?

  2. These building will be used with a Desert cloth. One of those drop cloths covered in Si and impregnated with sand/grit. Or with my desert Geo-hex.

    Of the battle boards. Currently all the boards are in storage. The one that has been a never ending WIP with the FW roads no. That board has 99% of the buildings done. The other board is half painted. I could use these on it with the flexible roads.

    I have the DZC board. Never used it. It arrived just before I left for Argentina.

    I f everything works out with the construction plans for the house here in Argentina. I would be shipping the household next spring.