Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 1st quarter Projects & Goals report

2017 Projects and Goals

         Attend both Cold Wars and AdeptiCon.      Completed
         Finished the 20mm Moderns.      Zero
         Add to both the 6mm NetEA Imperial Fists and HH World Eaters armies.     New stuff purchased. Working on WE objectives
         Painting      The goal of 700 painted minis is roughly 2 completed a day. I have 141 painted in 90 days, 39 minis short. I have painted 60% of last year's total in 3 months.
         Painted the 6mm Desert terrain from Xmas for AdeptiCon and Argentina.     Maybe 10 are finished
         Start the 15mm ACW project.     Zero.
         Gaming       Try to build an Epic player base in Argentina and host 6 games. Zero accomplished.

2017 Failures

         I purchased way too much additional terrain during both Cold Wars & AdeptiCon.
        Buying an Epic Eldar army
        Buying another airbrush

1st quarter surprises

         Getting in 11 Epic games. Updating the Tau paint job.

2nd quarter's focus

The focus over the next 3 months is the Sudan project. I am looking at 91 days, 182 minis plus making up the 39 minis missed last quarter

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