Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sudan Project "Ansar warriors" part I


          Whatever, we all know they are Dervishes. Even if the Mahdi forbade the term Dervish, those that win, write the history. But I will use "Ansar" to confuse everyone.

         Ansar/Dervish term/name includes just about every tribe or tribal type group that fought for the Mahdi. Jaidia, Hademdowah, Taaishi, Jihadiyya, Beja, Hadendowa, Baggara, Mulazimiyya, Amarar, Shukuria, Hallenga, Hamran, Beni-Amer, Bisharin

         Today I have a general mix of the dudes on blocks. It was not until half way through painting them, I thought about having the tribal groups represented. So I started to break them into stylized groups.
          The dudes on blocks will give me the first set of Taaishi warriors, 3 bases of 8 each. The rest will be the first to represent their group. I need to carefully select minis to finish bases next go around

The Taaishi will be primarily rhino shield (never was really rhino skin) and the fuzzy fuzzy hair.

The Baggara will be cavalry with INF in the mop hair style

The Mulazimiyya will have the red head wrap and dervish squares. (red&blue)

The Beja will be in the tan man dresses

The Hademdowah white head wrap and dervish squares

The Jihadiyya head wrap, dervish squares, armed with rifles.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 643 more to go.

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