Wednesday, April 5, 2017

6mm Terrain and April's WIP

All the 6mm terrain this month is GamesCraft. I have some walls to finish and about 6 buildings. The terrain is second fiddle to the Sudan project. When things are drying or hanging around waiting on whatever, I will move on with the terrain.

The walls
           The end idea is to create a terrain piece with the walled compounds or village/settlement with them. The examples shown are of the mud brick type where as the Gamescraft are industrial bricks.
The buildings

          The Sudan stuff was primed back around xmas. Two different cans of primer were used, both from home depot. It seems one of them did not stick so well to the minis. The grayer white sticks. The super white does not. Minis are Hat and Waterloo.

The skirmishes need to be based.

The balls on pennies will be low ammo markers for RF&F. This side project came about as my daughter broke a necklace.

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