Thursday, April 20, 2017

6mm Desert terrain "Buildings" part II

          The lion's share of my focus is on the 6mm Buildings. Other shit is being prep along side and techniques worked out.
Buildings are Gamecraft. I am doing to burning church before tackling the full sized complete version.
Some Wasteland Studios pump jacks
Old 6mm palms numbers have been doubled. They will need a little more love.
Those that double for 20mm & 6mm. Extras added to the fields. More irrigation canals.
The rice paddies and field edges need some green. This boy has 3 brothers, all need plant rows.
I need a better way of edging these irrigation ditches/canals/roads. The current method is not working out.
 Irrigation ditches' bridges. Plus some new fighting positions.
New Stuff
Some 3D desert ancient races business

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