Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Projects & Goals

          Finish the Sudan project.      The battle to paint these bastards spills into yet another year. I think it initially started back in 2012. There was no real plan then. Just dudes being painted. I had truly hoped to finish painting both sides in 2015. Being lazy, selling a house, and being stupid (air brush parts) caused the general failure. This year I have some dudes pretty much in the bag and then a big pile of plastic and metal to bang out. 600 plus, Game on!

         Finished the 20mm Moderns.      Everything I own for modern dudes is in Argentina NOW. I will need a large supply of US nickel coins. They are the individual's bases. The only way this does not happen is I back burner it.

         Add to both the 6mm NetEA Imperial Fists and HH World Eaters armies.     Some new fancy China Forge goodies for Xmas and storage dive for the HH WEs. Failure will occur on the WEs if they are totally buried in storage.
     ****The bare metal dudes, tanks, and resin bases are totally buried in storage. I could only access the finished detachments****

         Painted the 6mm Desert terrain from Xmas for AdeptiCon and Argentina.     Hopefully by March2017 it is complete and sealed!

         Start the 15mm ACW project.      Everything I own for ACW is in Argentina NOW. Including the bases. The only way this does not happen is I back burner it.

        Attend both Cold Wars and AdeptiCon.      This one is pretty much in the bag. I have my flights and rooms booked. Transportation for Cold Wars is secure, AdeptiCon is up in the air. Only problem will be accessing storage during the Xmas visit to dig out an army. My Imperial Fists or Tau (maybe bugs?) Most importantly no football injuries. Another MCL and I'll be wheelchair drunk!

        Gaming       Try to build an Epic player base in Argentina and host 6 games. (some maybe non Epic)

         Painting      Only painted 233 last year. What the shit? And I am retired? Since I started counting, 275 was the most painted in one year. I want to double that amount this year! 550 is the goal.

         Goals ranked on the actuality of accomplishment. I love painting terrain. Desert terrain could derail the 20mm colonial project. The wargaming CONs are in the bag. The 15mm ACW has and is alway a pipe dream.

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