Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sudan project "de-sprue" part I

         After Xmas load dropped and a storage dive, the number of boxed plastic dudes is way too space consuming. All these bastards are going to Argentina with me. The airlines and their baggage bullshit forces a de-sprue night.
         Just think of 14 boxes of soldiers stuffed into a bag. And This was round two of the de-sprue. It took about two hours (while cooking dinner).

1 Muslim Warrior
1 British Command
1 French Legion
1 Scotish
1 British Cav
2 HAT Dervish warrior
2 Dervish Camel Cav
2 Egyptian Inf
1 India Lancers
Odd Brit lot
Odd Muslim lot      

        669 between this group, 6mm HH, and the metal 20mm plus the lot pulled from storage. I have more in bound. The plan is to paint all these bastards by the end of the year. About two hundred are easy Egyptians.

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