Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hola Santa.

          Thankfully long ago we all came to the conclusion that present shopping for Christmas is a waste. We are all old and our hobbies/interests are so specialized it is near impossible for anyone without the same hobbies/interests to locate anything. And more than likely beyond what someone wants or is able to pay.
         Very loving family and a understanding wife supported Santa dropping a load this year. ( I shopped for them. They did the wrapping) The goodies;

          WasteLand Games. I love this dudes stuff! More liquid gas balls and ConX boxes.

         I wanted the towers. Can not remember exactly why, but the towers were the excuses of the walls and pill box
 Look at these dragon teeth! Wasteland's quality and skill makes ForgeWorld look like a pack of retards. I will be stamp casting them.

China Forge World
HH armor mark marines
HH Termies
HH breacher marines
Thudd guns
Marine Fighters
2 sets of Objectives. Plus an extra? Sweet.
Downed T-Hawk

          Gamescraft 6mm desert buildings. And the only shit here "made in the USA"

Best yet The Black Hawk down buildings. The "Olympic Hotel" and the "target" building.
Terrific detail.

         Re-enforcements for the Sudan Project.

           I ordered the rule set a month or so ago. Had it shipped to the states. The book is as expected, have not look at it too much. The Quick Reference is very nicely made. The cards sadly are on a light stock. I would have or expected a heavy weight card stock used for production.
         The NewLineDesign metals. Some Naval Brigade, Naval guns and crew, the rest Tribal warriors and Dervishes. And some wounded british to be used as markers.

          This lot my very good friend bird dogged for me at HMGS' Fall In. They are OOP now.

          And this lot, well it took it's sweet ass time in the mail. Of course arriving days just after I left the states last.
          We all know I will be stamp casting these Fps! Why not just case them up like every other thing. Well Smooth On is not easily obtainable in Argentina.

           You may ask; Old boy did you not, just before you left, sell a cubic butt ton of Epic FW terrain?

Yes I did and I then went straight back to the resin crack pipe. But in my defense, I did not have these?????

          Now I believe these items will be added on to the desert table.

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