Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sudan project WIP

          With a sunny, not so hot day, the airbrush came out. I have been assembling and cleaning dudes            to prime. If the temperature was hotter than Kuwait, it was raining. Finally I got a day with questionable temps. When it is this hot the paint dries in the airbrush and you will get little dots on the dudes.
         These metal dude are actual from an Afghan range. But they will fit the bill for skirmishers.
          These two clowns are from the Waterloo set.
          Egyptian Art, are from Scarlet? Above is the Cmd stand, low ammo maker, and a rally marker. The two guns are from the same set. And below them are the gun crews. No bases for these dudes as I will need to source them over Xmas break.

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