Thursday, December 15, 2016

Year End wrap up

         Yep I am early, but I return stateside in 4 days. Plus there is a wedding on Friday and protests on Monday. So I have to drink enough beer at the wedding not to jump out of the bus and engage the fuckers blocking the highways in B.A. Nothing is getting done between now and wheels up.

        Looking back; I never wrote down the goals for the year. I did have a plan. I wanted to finish my modern 20mm, and 20mm Colonial (Sudan), and start my 15mm ACW. Or at least that is what I took with me when I left the states on 29DEC2015.
        The only thing start was the 20mm Sudan. And a very late start at that. Nothing was started until I returned in May from selling the house stateside. I did completely paint all the 200mm modern dudes and markers that where pre-primed. The 15mm ACW was never taken out of the box.

        Giant FUBARS;

* Not packing the complete set for the Airbrush

* Not packing enough bases

         Small Wins

* Some how some (very few) Epic made the trip

* Long Lost terrain pieces showed up!!!

* Being in Argentina stopped the lead buying


6mm Epic

20mm Modern    5 US dudes, 3 News crews, 8 Afhgan Civilians, 6 Africans, 6 Afhgan fighters, 4 Dickers, 8 IEDs, and 15 weapons caches.

20mm Sudan   13 stands of Brits+ 2 India + a Command, 15 stands of Dervish/Tribals + Command + 3 Camel riders

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