Monday, January 2, 2017

Diving for any army

        With AdeptiCon is far away, but this was my only chance to access storage. It was more of a climb, low crawl and dive. The whole time praying not to lose my car keys or cell phone.
        Now one may ask, Why did you not place your armies near the front? I found a bunch of dudes for the Sudan project. I did find some 60x60mm bases!!!
        Zero HH World Eaters were found. I only found Nids and Tau. I know zero about Nids. At least I know what each Tau unit is and have played them twice. That is where my experience ends.
This is what I found. Missing a Super heavy and some of my fliers.
         I will start studying the list and reading the boards. Then check out some battle reports. Just maybe I can learn how to play them. There will be no time for shake out games before I return.

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