Saturday, January 28, 2017

War Game Collection Calculator

          Their deal is to help you determine what your collection of toy soldiers is worth. Why? Like your sorry ass is ever going to sell the whole lot. With all the IP violations, recasts/prints/renegade FW items. Your ass is facing fines or you'll roll over faster than a fish.
                  I am no rat bastard. I will copy just about any god dam thing. We all know I am getting fucked.

          Secondly, why must my sweet ass register? What the FUCK! Are these fuckers casing my collection? Waiting for me to die? Accident? Are they waiting for my wife/girl friend to turn and sell that shit. Not too hard to develop that point of contact with social media these days. Hell I should be building files on all you bastards to bird dog/cherry pick your collections. You just know they can turn the wife/girlfriend's sorry ass when she is most pissed, only to sell your tin men.
          Hey, Jane. Your man has been pounding your BFF, sister, babysitter do you want to make him pay? Nah don't leave him. Nor screw with his ride. You want to get him GOOD, make him feel your PAIN? Yo sell me his soldiers! Do you know what that shit is WORTH? Check this site! I got cash bitch.

Now I am a lazy bastard. My 28mm roman army is worth 800 pounds. This is where the lazy bastard part comes in, there is no way in the seven frozen hells I am listing individually all my epic shit. So you make the rough guess, Epic, FoF, Sudan, Roman, 40k, and on and on.

         Old girl catches me doing some shit. Which I am prone to do from time to time. Whether it is real or not real does not matter in her mind. Some bum from this site turns her. And there goes my little men!
Your going full, FFUULLLL on somali on a motherfucker

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