Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Duty Free

         It is that time. Score some cheap scotch before hitting the waste land of scotch, Argentina. One would think with all that tasty meat, hunting, no limitations on cuban cigars, scotch would be widely available. Fuck no. The place is retarded. When you can find a single malt. The prices are pulled from thin air. Cardhu cost less than Glenfiditch by 35 dollars? WTF!
        Chocolate----NOPE, straight to the good stuff. Now my ass is state side so no cigars. I got 18 with me. General run of the mill, cheapy priced, perfect with meat, great smoke got to go CAO.

         This year's selection in Houston. 

Which of course include every bottle of shit John Walker, they  can piss out. One whole bookcase of that piss. No pictures of that over priced Cardhu.
          Macallan is there too. Almost as big a whore as Mr. Walker. The 18 and 21 are the only ones worth the price on sale. The rest is overly sweet piss. Duty Free is taking full advantage of the gift shopper. Macallen's are 15-20% high.
          The highlights include a huge selection of Singleton. Singleton was the choice grab for under 38 bucks. Availability was a problem. (makes me think some blender was soaking up every barrel they could get their hands on. Much like Cardhu in 2004-05) Terrific with steak or cigars or apple pie and bacon. Way better than Fiddich or Glenlivet. Which has always been 10-15 more. Drawing a tear from my one good eye, Singleton started, started at 61. Fuck me! Duty free is funny that way.

         I took two Glenlivet "Disttiller's Reserve" at 55 dollars. 10 dollars below the run of the mill bar Glenlivet? As tasty as the French Cask. It was the cheapest single malt one level up. All the very good shit was 350.00! Those two, plus 2 litters of Bailey's and a 14 dollar purple cow chocolate. Then Military discount 130? The scotch was 110, so the Bailey's and chocolate were 20 beans.

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