Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Today's magazines

         Are total shit? I think they are directly published for taking a shit. Every article is a white wash.  8 to 10 minutes to read. You want more, deeper, something not written for an 8th grader. For 5 to 12 dollars, give me something. Maybe I am spoiled by Ancient Warfare.
Hallowed ground is total crap. Almost as bad as White Dwarf, buy my shit. Where Hallowed ground is give us money. The article on the 14th had a great title. Then sucked the life out of you with an executive summary of the battle.
Wild West's editor has to be chopping articles sent in. There is no way what you are reading is half of what the author submitted. Every paragraph seems cut off or bleed out. There is little flow and development of an idea or point. Its hard to read.

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