Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Look at these epic cities

Holy shit!

          "Terrain has been done as have Realm of Battle boards which the buildings can fit onto. These are at the factory already so should be ready to go when the game is released."

          Building that snap into a Realm of Battle board? What? With 2 Battle boards and a DZC city board, I don't need another one-------- BUT

     "There is no great desire to redo Epic. While we may get more games at the same scale – such as a massed tank version there is no desire to see a combined titan/tank/infantry battle. Basically they don’t just want 40k at a smaller scale."

         Thanks GW!  It has only taken years of hard work, of the entire world wide Epic loving community to unfuck your rule set and fix what you never finished. I mean proof reading, writing in understandable english, updating FAQs, testing and creating missing lists.
          Sadly all of us non professional game designers have managed to do what you have never been able to. Proof, create, test, and update........ahhhh and listen to the player base.

More city news

          This dude has way too much time on his hands. The pictures are pretty cool. The city tables have a great lay out. Check out the link;      epic city

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