Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday night gaming


     Last time Fred got the win. I never really had a chance and was playing for a tie the whole time. I was not going to go down again. My game plan was tempo and movement, focus my fire, and let it rain.

    We play a 6 objective game. The large bridge in the center, 2 small bridges on the flanks, the air field on the hill, and one building in each others deployment area.   
Left flank with air field objective and small bridge
Center Bridge and the tall buildings in the deployment zones
                                                    Right Flank with small bridge
     Fred's deployment

 Left Flank. Speeder det., Land Raider det., and Tactical det.

 Center. Bike det., Predator det., and Tactical det.
Right Flank. Speeder Det., Whirlwind det., and Tactical det.

My Deployment. I gave up the right flank completely. Leaving units there to draw attention and refuse that flank.

Left Flank. Assualt det., Tactical det., and Bike det.
Center. 2 Tactical det., and Devastator with a dread and Razorbacks
Right Flank. Land Raider det., Whirlwind det., and Speeder det. 

                                                Turn One
Right Flank. 
Fred's Whirlwinds fire put a blast marker on my Land Raiders. The Tactical det. doubles toward the center bridge, and the Speeders advance to the bridge shoot, and break my speeders.
 My Whirlwinds put a blast marker on Fred's speeders. The Land Raider advance to refuse the flank. My speeders double, shoot adding a blast marker.

           Fred's Bike det. doubles toward the brigde. Speeder Det fails to activate and advances. Predator fail to activate and do nothing. Tactical Det advances and occupies the building objective in Fred's deployment zone.

        My Tactical Det doubles on to the bridge, shoots Fred's Bike det. killing two and adding 3 blast markers. My Devastators double occupy the two building to the right of the bridge, shoot and put a blast marker on Fred's Speeders. 2nd Tactical det. marches across the small bridge to deploy around and occupy the building in front of the devastator
                                                           Left Flank
Fred's Tactical det doubles to the edge of the Air Field. They shoot my Tactical det.killing 2 rhinos and add 3 blast markers. The land Raiders advance just behind them.

My Tactical det double for the Air Field, gets there first and gets shot up. The Assault det advances. The Bike det. secures the bridge.

In the the End Phase My speeders rallied. What unit removed blast markers were not recorded.                                                         
                                                 TURN 2

                                                             Right Flank
Fred's Speeder shoot my Land Raiders, failing to kill. They added a blast marker. The Whirlwind det advances and shoots the Land Raiders. Again killing nothing, but adding another blast. Fred then saw that he very nicely place his Whirlwinds in my Land Raiders LOS.

My Land Raiders shoot the Whirlwinds. Fred makes every save and takes a blast marker. My Whirlwinds in direct fire at his Tactical det on the bridge, clipping the bikes. The Bike det lose one and break off the table. The Tactical Det loses a rhino and 2 stands, collecting 4 blast markers. My speeder advanced to sit on the building in my deployment zone.



          Fred's Tactical det. on the bridge, shot mine killing a rhino and adding a blast marker. The Speeder det shot, fail to hit, and added a blast marker. The Predators rolled up, shot, missed, and added a blast marker.

           My 2nd Tactical Det in the building to the left of the bridge fails to activate. It made one move, spreading out into line for cross fire bonus. The Tactical det on the bridge shot Fred's on the bridge, handing out 2 blast markers. The Devastators failed to activate, collecting a blast marker. They shot and broke Fred's Speeders.

                                                         Left Flank

Fred continues his abuse on the left flank. His Tactical det kills another rhino and adds 2 blast markers. My Tactical Det fails to activate, marshals, and rolls a 1! Fred's Land Raiders fail to activate and make one move forward. I jump the Assault det up to contest. My Bike det remain on the bridge with a hold action.

In the End Phase;

                                                       Turn 3, the end.

                                                             Right Flank

Everything stay the same. We sat there and traded blast markers with no advantage to either side.
        Fred's center collapsed. His Tactical det was shot down to the man, the predators broke, the Tactical det in the building was a blast marker away from breaking,

          The stars for me were the two Tactical dets. and the Whirlwinds. They cleaned the bridge off and slapped around those in the building. The Devastators broke his Predators.

                                                        Left Flank
        The Left Flank was pay back. Fred wiped out my Assault det. Then poured fire into the my Tactical det, securing his hold on the Air Field.

In the end I had no broken units, held two of the bridges, and the entire center of the board. Fred took the objectives on the far Flanks. A 4 to 2 victory.


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