Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gone baby gone

     The girls have left. Noe and the baby are off to Boston. Just me and the dog for 4 days. No one talking or asking question or breaking stuff. Tomas the dog and me reading history and drinking scotch. SWEET!

So much progress.

               I finished Richard Gabriel's "Scipio Africanus." Fun read, large type set with the usual amount of pictures.

            What would one read next, but "Hannibal's Last Battle" by Brian Carey. I completely blew through this one. It is just under 200 pages, large type set, troop movement diagrams, and lots of pictures. It is not by any means a book of great depth. It is a wargamer's book. Troop size, type, deployment, and movements prior.
           Last night I just started "The Tyrants of Syracuse" Vol I 480- 367 by Jeff Champion. This book I love already. I finally put it down just after midnight. The type set is small making it a tough read while in bed. More to come as I plow deeper in to it over the weekend.
          We have been stuck in a high humidity weather cycle. I can not prime. On what appeared to be lower humidity days, I tried priming test junk miniatures. Exactly what I feared. The primer was drying in air and creating those little bumps all over the surface.
           I am way far behind schedule with the Roman Auxilia. Depressed from not being able to prime up the next lot, I have been finding anything to do but paint. Last night I finally forced myself to sit down and get going. I did make some head way and even started on the command group.

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