Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday night gaming

We had a solid group and we would throw down every week.  Summer is a rough time.
            Tonight, I have a coworker over for some Net AE. The fan maintained version of GW’s Epic Armageddon. The rules are free and most everything can be picked up cheap on ebay.
He is new to table top wargaming. I choose to break him in with AE because has lots of dice, is easy to learn, and plays fast. We have completed the demo games. (I have removed the Flyers and War engines.) We will be using SM armies in a mirror match. Mirror armies, I hope will reduce the what is this and that bit we seem to go thru in every game. Also to reduce any surprises until he gets use to the units and capabilities.
Step one we reviewed the units and stats, went over the turn sequence, and the 5 objectives. We stuffed our faces and grab a cold one as we set up on the back porch. 

 Why you say? Man it is crazy hot tonight. The porch is screened, there is a large heavy stable table already there, and the baby can’t steal things. Nor will I get bitched at because she thinks dice are food.
 Fred's set right to left

                                  Whirlwind Det, Speeder Det, and a Tac Det

    Land Raider Det, Assault Det, Tac Det, Bike Det, and Devastator Det with dread

                    Devastator Det with Razorbacks, Tac Det, and Predator Det

My deployment right to left
                                     Land Raider Det, Bike Det, and Tac Det

                          Tac det with dread, Assault Det, Tac Det, and Whirlwinds

            Predator Det, Speeder Det, Devastator Det with Razorbacks and Dread

The plan was to take pictures and a detail account of the action. But the amount of beer consumed is inversely proportional to the amount of pictures taken. So, no pictures from the first turn to the finish. In the end  both Fred and I had a unit fail to activate in the last activations. If either popped tall, the end would have been very different. Time was running out and we still had to go back in at work. Fred had 2 objectives, 1 contested and me with 1 objective and  2 contested.
The two rules questions we had to look up were;
1)      What happens to troops in a transport that was killed?
Answer:  The units must make an Armor Save or a 6+ Cover Save to survive.
2)      Can a Whirlwind move and shoot? Trick question!
Answer:  Yes. An Advance, Double, or Hold action is taken. Target must be in range and LOS.
Answer:  No. A Sustained Fire action is taken and the Indirect Fire rule used. Target must between 30 and 90cm, no LOS required, and a there is +1 to hit.
All answers were found in the ” EPIC ARMAGEDDON COMPENDIUM V2.0” available to download on

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