Thursday, August 2, 2012

28mm Roman Auxilia

Currently up on the painting table 28mm roman auxilia. Most are from Black Tree Designs. Then some Foundry and Warlord command dudes mixed in.  I always prime white, it is just me. Also like like paying way too much for primer so I use GW's.

The first run thru was just about finished, around the same time I drained a bottle of Glenrothers.  The initial 9 got the wrong wash and thick as icing. 
Example of the first group completed with the proper wash.

 Next up, they will all get a more Med skin tone, like the dude on the right. Than those on the left in the the first set with the North Africian skin.

I am still thinking on base size? How to base them? In the past everything was on FOG’s system. But since "Cold Wars," I have been liking Hail Caesar more and more. With Hail Caesar the basing options become more flexible and less static.

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