Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So the story begins. There I sat minding my own business, while drinking my face off and in she walks.

In the beginning there was man with money and free time. Man meets woman. Then failing to notice the lives of me mates and the trials of his father, matrimony. Ha fool, the young don't always do as they are told. Cause when I was single, my pockets did jingle. O, but she is beautiful and download teen porn sexy. Yep you guessed, soon with child.

"For no ones cares about poor old dad." My father would time to time say. Haha I would laugh, never understanding. Now I know. But what a life he had. My father would go off to his library every night after work and read or write until bed. Double Masters, 5 books, literary awards, countless articles, and everyone says "Bruce.....Bruce Bruce, right away sir." But was it really poor old dad? As the anceint Greeks would comment on his life; he was the richest of men for his sons are arete and he witnessed his grandchildren.

Is it really poor old dad for me? I have my room or something a little bigger than a closet. A wife much like mom, who allows for my hobby and never truly complains about me hiding in my room. Hell, even like my father dragging us to his history conventions. She comes along to the HMGS conventions. (  And I have a PO box for work in which all my toy soldiers get delivered to!

No it is not terrible, nor ideal. I am like every other mad gamer. It is all we think about and want to do with our free time. This simple blog will exist as nothing more than to prove, that poor old dad is actually rich!

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