Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Epic Titans and WIP

          The Legio Ignatum fought in the Horus Heresy at one stage they even defended the Imperial Palace. The Fire Wasps still retain a number of Titans from the Emperor's time. After the lifting of the siege of the Palace, the Legio took part in the campaigns to track down and punish the heretics.

          Throughout the long and bloody campaigns, the Fire Wasps kept their fierce hatred of the Legio Mortis, their old rivals turned to Chaos. This infamous Traitor Legion battered the walls of the Imperial Palace, and terrorised and systematically exterminated the populations of dozens of hive cities on Paramar and Tallarn. The hatred for the traitor Legio burns in the hearts of the members of the Legio Ignatum and one day old debts must be repaid!
          Today the Fire Wasps are the only Titan Order to have the honour of guarding the Gate to the Golden Throne. 

          The titans are from Forge World. Every now and then they are available, you have to call the bastards to get them. The casts were off center and there was a lot of flash to clean. No blue rubber stuck to either of them. The mold release came off easy with soft scrub and a tooth brush. 
                                                  Two Forge World Warhounds.  

          I still have to finish the details on the bases.

Some converted contemptor Dreadnoughts and a current GW dread, all in Space Wolves' colors. The Contemptors were twisted and the power fist arm replaced with one from a robot. The guns came from DRM. Once again I am waiting on the humidity to drop for the matte varnish.



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