Saturday, August 4, 2012

My cave, work space

When we first bought the house, I was hoping to get a book and a gaming room. That didn’t happen and I was forced into the basement. Well the house sits on a slab, so it’s not really the basement. I did get a room. It is the size of a large closet. All my toys, tools, and house hold repair items are jammed in. It was the original owner’s tool room. Bastard left me a work bench.

Paint brands are Vallejo, foundry, old GW, and P3. I am falling for the foundry and P3 more and more over the others. There are the large crap paint bottles from craft stores. Those are used for bases and terrain. The brushes are craft store junk and a few nice ones from game store closings. I scored another from HM1.  

As you can see I got war gamer’s A.D.D. I need to clean and organize, but then I could find everything I bought over the year. All my tools are stolen from work or work purchased them as consumables. Thanks work.

Next 4 months project, Punic war's mountain of lead.

Lighting blows. No natural light. Once I upgrade my electrical box and straighten out the mess, the overhead lights will be replaced.

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