Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Legions of Rome by Stephen Dando Collins.

              I have read Collins other books, and own most in Hardcover. Cleopatha’s Kidnappers, Blood of the Caesars, Mark Antony’s Heroes, Nero’s Killing Machine, and of course Caesar’s Legion. The last two are the best. I have not found a 1st Ed. signed yet. Anybody want to sell their copy?

             Yesterday the Legion of Rome showed up. ( Sorry for the stock photo ) Present from the wife, good wife! Yet I am disappointed. The book was printed in China. The paper weight used is that of a hotel bible. You can see the print through the other side. The pages do not feel right, Collins’ paper backs have a better feel to them. For a 1st Ed I expect a proper paper weight. My impression is that Collins publisher is trying to make a fast buck.
             The book is full of black and whites with maybe 9 pages of color pictures. Two of the pictures I have never seen. There are color pictures of each Legio’s shield. The print is huge, it will be a fast easy read. 

             Each legion gets at least 3 pages.  This is at most an introduction to the Legions. It is not a book for the historian. It is good reference for the war gamer. Very quickly you can find a back drop for your gaming night with little effort or at the last moment. As major and minor battles are covered with which Legio is present and strength.

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