Thursday, March 2, 2017

Road to Cold Wars and AdeptiCon. part III

           The edging color for the base is Foundry's 75A. The idea is to use the blue edge to draw the eye to the minis. Same concept used when matting a print. The idea was stolen from a Space Wolf army .

Both detachments of Fire Warriors are awaiting the final highlight.

         The suits were flocked with the sand from Fire Red Canyon. GW's troll slayer is the orange and the white is Foundry 67C. These boys need the weapons picked out and the rubble painted to match the rocks.
  The commander seemed to be the most completely painted by the original owner. It will be used as an example for every minis' color scheme.
         Then for some reason I went back to my GW pot of shit colored texture. Because I needed to add more day of work.
         The original basing material contained dark gray or black rumble. These were pick out with my peppermint patty paint mix.
The on going repairs
The Boardsides are next.

With only 11 days to wheels up. I need to get my ass into high gear.

Due to repainting and basing the whole army, I will count it as newly painted. I normally do not count repairs or rebasing toward the year end total.

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