Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cold Wars & AdeptiCon

Weather or not. My flights say on time. Fletcha bus rolls out for EZE at 7:40. 7hrs on the bus to Retirio. Another 1.5 on the Leon to EZE.

Delta was a total mess today. The baggage system was done. The belt that moves the bags was down.

Next is Delta at 8pm to Atlanta and then on to Harrisburg, PA. See ya Thursday night at the Host.

Tau are packed and the list is painted. Chessex case is the best for small army traveling!

Don't know about any one else. But does every single joker at security love to look at your miniatures. Mine just took the security check point tour. You would have thought, I was handing out free 8 balls the way they were collected around me.

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