Thursday, March 16, 2017

20mm & Books & Epic Army

          So, I got a problem. Miniatures like crack to me. This is the crack before I get to Cold Wars & AdeptiCon. We all know I will be buying shit there too. I need to get some self control.

         The goodies awaiting for me stateside. The 20mm Tali were ordered back last summer. Crazy back order.
 These will be added to the very big pile of 20mm Sudan
More books. All of which were sourced for ABE.
 If I could go back in time, Vol I&II would be the first books I would get.
 This piggy had to come from England. Another must have book.

          The Epic Eldar army. I paid 400 +/-. The lot was packed in toilet paper. All individually wrapped and jammed into a box. Jammed! A lot more care should have been used when shipping a heavy army internationally.
 This is the bunch broken up in shipping. Simple repairs. No chipped paint.

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