Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On to AdeptiCon

          I am arriving late today. It is part of the deal when flying on points. You kind of, have to, take the best deal you can get. This puts you on the flights no one wants. Which gets me in at 20:21 to Midway.

         Zero complaints with Delta flying stateside. The seats have more leg room than American or United. International is a different story, go United. (especially if your military or Vet.) They are sweet enough to you. I get free bags and Club passes.

          The Tau are coming out again for AdeptiCon. All 3 games on Saturday and for the Tourney Sunday. Maybe a primer game Thursday. They were the only option for Cold Wars. As the Tau were the only army I could easily get at in storage. The rest are buried.
          But now I have the Eldar army I bought. I know jack all nothing about Eldar. Whoever would play me would experience a slow painful game.

Tau reinforcements.

         There had always been holes in the army. I used one Cuda to represent two. Step one to filling it out. They will not be ready for AdeptiCon. Also I failed to order enough Recon units to fill out my AdeptiCon list. ( Dave is holding a order made long ago. No packages ever get thru to Argentina. So long ago I don't remember what is in it.) I sent a request to Dave to change my submitted list.

And I am still repairing and packing the Eldar army for storage.

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