Saturday, March 25, 2017

AdeptiCon Day Four

Day Four. NetEA scenarios
1) Escalating Engagement
2) Encounter
3)Attack & Defend

Escalating Engagement

We did not end up playing the Scenario. My opponent want to play the tourney scenario straight out of the book.
His list;
2 detachment of knights
1 detachment of lancers
1 detachment of Cast-something or other with a baron
2 detachments of rough riders
2 squadrons of Tbolts
My list:
          I got my ass stomped. He played a perfect game. I had some dice troubles and not the best objective placement.
          We failed to follow the terrain rules. His knights waked through and over buildings.


I played Jon's Nids. We had a super chess match that came down to the wire. Jon took the win 5-4. I forgot and never paid any attention to which number I place under which objective. I also fail to get the broadsides into action.


The last game I rode the bench.

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