Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cold Wars day 1

HMGS' Cold Wars Friday

            The place was empty. They complain about attendance. Well move locations and move the dam thing to May. People HATE the Host. People have been burned by winter storms too many times for Cold Wars. So just keep doing the exact same thing and expect a different results!!!!!!

           My first game was F127 ACW Regimental Fire and Fury 15May1864 Resaca, Ga. I was running the CSA center. I love the RF&F rules. Always a good time. The game master Kaleb has hosted more than one game of the years for me. He is super knowledgeable and ensures you understand the objectives.

           Sadly this game was called, when the Lowell running the largest Union section "gave up." We started at 9:30,  he gave in before 11:20. The game was scheduled to end at 13:00. It is a CON game. That is an asshole move. 
          This was his position when he "gave in!" Lots of fresh units, supported units, no one is out of position. That cock ruined a game he felt his win was questionable.

          You may think I am a cock for calling him out. If your a guy that gets one game per day and this was the one you got. What the Fuck?

Other games this day.

 Colonial War action!!!!

My last game was F391 Battle of Kandahar 1880. This one was canceled 1.5 hours prior to the start. Luck me, a mate found me and said your game is canned. I was then lucky enough to get in on Roy Jones' F213 The sand dunes of Zwartfontein. Great game! If you ever get a chance to meet Roy, do it.

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