Sunday, March 26, 2017

AdeptiCon day 5 Epic tourney

        The day's turn out was lower than expected. One player banged out sick and Pat had to return home mid day. The dude (yet another dude not playing) supplying 90% of the terrain had to go home mid day also.
         There were 5 of us playing. One guy sitting each of the two rounds. Only two rounds because the terrain left. I got both rounds in,  2 - 0. First game against Orks 2-1 and the second game against a new player 4-0, yeah yeah seal clubbing. I played nice. We talked about his moves and where to apply pain and to game the objectives.
         I did not write a single thing down. Both opponents adjusted there lists prior to the game. So the limited number of pictures I can remember to take are IT.

First table against Orks.
 His list

My list stayed the same for the whole Con.

 Game two against IG

My deployment
Right Flank action
Left flank action

          In the end the tourney was never really a tourney. A lot of epic got played, good visibility, and no fewer than 4 demo games went off.

For my Tau 4-3 for the weekend
Red Corsairs 4-0 loss
Space Marines 4-0 win
Space Marines 3-0 win
Knights 2-0 loss
Nids 5-4 loss special scenario
Orks 2-1 win
IG 3-0 win

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