Wednesday, February 1, 2017

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters

           Status updated on the WE project. (This is meant for my reference.) What is currently finished.
         Also the new resin objectives have shown up.
"Monuments are dust, tales merely words, soon forgotten, but blood... blood is forever."
           I have some new ChinaForge to work on. Hopefully I can add 3 to 4 detachments this year. Or at least have them awaiting basing. 

World Eaters
Of all the Space Marine Legions in the service, the World Eater's were among the most feared, the whisper of their coming was enough to quell rebellion and send armies to flight in terror. Tales of their predations and massacres were numberless, and their reputation was as the Emperor's war hounds, as such a name they once carried -- beasts, butchers and madmen whose fury was fuelled by bloodshed, and was such that no sane warrior would stand willingly against them.
The following formations are available to a World Eaters army in addition to or in place of those already in the core legion army list.
2.1 World Eaters Line Detachments
0-1 Rampager Detachment
(per full 2000 pts)
4-6 Rampager Squad units, plus transportHeavy Transport, Centurion60 pts each

0-1 Red Butchers Detachment(per full 2000 pts)4-6 Red Butchers TerminatorsDrop Assault OR Heavy Transport OR Teleport85 pts each
0-1 Destroyer Detachment(per full 1000 pts)Destroyer Squad unitsDrop Assault, Centurion225 pts

2.3 World Eaters Lords of War
Detachment Unit Upgrades Cost
0-1 Angron, Master of the World Eaters 1 Angron unit and 3 Terminator units Drop Assault OR Assault Claw OR Assault Ram OR Heavy Transport OR Teleport 450 pts
2.3 World Eaters Lords of War

Cohesive AlliesLegio Titanicus, Daemonic Hordes (Khorne)
Disruptive AlliesImperial Militia, Solar Auxilia, Knight Household, Mechanicum Taghmata

2.5 World Eaters Special Rules
World Eaters

Berserk. A unit with the Berserk characteristic may double it's movement distance when conducting an Engage order. Additionally, formations containing Berserk units can not claim objectives under Tournament conditions.

Rampager SquadINF15cm4+3+5+Cadere Weapons(base contact)(assault weapons) EA(+1)Fearless, Berserk. Count as Tactical Marines for transport capacity purposes.
Red Butcher TerminatorINF15cm3+4+6+Power AxesCombi-Bolter(base contact)(15cm)(assault weapons) MW, EA(+2)(small arms)Fearless, Berserk, Reinforced Armour, Thick Rear Armour. Count as Terminators for transport capacity purposes.
Angron, Master of the World EatersINF15cm3+3+5+Gorefather & GorechildThe Spite Furnace(base contact)(15cm)(assault weapons) MW, EA(D3+1)(small arms) MW, EA(+1)Demi-God, Reinforced Armour, Thick Rear Armour, Fearless, Supreme Commander, Inspiring, Invulnerable Save, Infiltrator.

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