Monday, February 20, 2017

6mm desert Terrain part I

          This Project contains solely Games Craft Miniatures 6mm Middle Eastern and Landmark series buildings.

          The building were soaked in dish soap over night. Being resin there is some flash that needed attention. Other than that the casts are perfect. Not one single piece had a whole or bubble.
         A double priming was done, 0 & 90 degree spray with texture primer, followed by a 45 degree flat white primer. Both primers are straight from Home Depot, the cheapest ones. All of which was completed before leaving for Argentina.
          The building will be separated into 3 piles. The color palette will be very limited for speed. Whit, Tan, and Yellow will be basic building colors. Black for windows. Hull red and Saddle leather for wall damage. Only red and blue will be used as architect details.
 Wall gates are brown. Side walks are grey. Wall damage will be brick red. Any wall details will be blue.

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