Thursday, February 9, 2017

Got my socks blown off

          So there I am minding my own business.


         This is a no shitter.

          The two ways that every great story starts. Mine has to lead off with, "This is a no shitter." On a sunny hot as fuck day in Argentina, we are off to see the Lego Batman movie. The Casino is the only place. It is nice and super modern. Yet, sadly for me the movie is only in spanish. I don't understand a thing. We walk up buy our tickets. Then go for a beer, waiting for the movie to start. As we turn around and walk away,

                                              BAM!!!! An Angel of Death. 

         The Blood Ravens are in Argentina? What are they here for Hilter too? Of all the places I never in a hundred beers time thought a fucking Space Marine would be here. So excited! I had wood.
         Then my six year old stood next to him. He is kind of short for a space marine. Hell I should try out the Ravens! Maybe 6 1/2 feet tall and the bolt pistol is double the caliber, like 30mm. Thank GW, for screwing up the scale again. There goes my wood.

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