Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lancaster Host update

HMGS, Inc. Board of Directors

Lancaster Host Renovation Update, February 2017
With a little less than a month till the Cold Wars convention, we wanted to provide a brief update on the progress of renovations to the hotel which was provided by the management:
  • New boilers have been installed. The temporary boiler trailer in the back will be removed in the next two weeks. There are no longer any problems with water pressure and hot water.
  • All rooms now have the new air conditioner/heating units installed.
  • All rooms have the new windows installed.
  • All ground level rooms have new patio doors installed.
  • Work is now beginning on new bathrooms (50 rooms at a time). This will limit out of service rooms to a maximum of 50 at Cold Wars.
  • Management met with the design team in January regarding the bar and restaurant area. Expansion plans look very good and just need to be approved by the new franchisor.

We should have more renovation updates at the Cold Wars membership meeting. Hope to see you at the convention.

John Spiess
Treasurer, HMGS, Inc.

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