Saturday, February 25, 2017

Road to Cold Wars & AdeptiCon part II

          The hardest and most time consuming part will be the bases. It does not matter where I go from here. Any thing would be more impressive than, the WTF White!
          I initially went with a cracked desert base. I chose GW's Texture Agrellan Badland. The shit is meant to look like this;
          Mine never turned out like that. I looked up GW's youtube video on the shit. If your stuff is good, it is like a thick paint coming out of the pot. My shit was gritty, as if some ass added sand to it. Never dried cracked. Dried like dark shit colored sand.
What to do? How to save 25 bases with the original basing material covered with shit brown. Go PINK! From WTF White to Pink, yep, and I haven't had a drink. Step one was to dry brush the shit brown sand with Vallejo Buff.
          To get the proper pink, I chose with Vallejo 123 and P3's Skorne Red. Once mixed to the color of peppermint patty ice-cream, it was watered down to an airbrush thickness with dirty brush cleaning water. The whole base was washed heavily pink.
          Now for the answer for why PINK. The Sudan is the reason. The Northern Sudan is a reddish pink desert. It is not how I or any other person bases their Sudan, Anglo-Egyptian War miniatures. Everyone bases them beach sand, blond bleached sand. This is what the Desert looks like;
          I have guessed, seeing I have never been across the southern Egyptian border. That the sand would be Redish/Pink from the wind erosion of the rock out crops. As the same seen in the AZ desert or Fire canyon NV. This is an example of the ground from Fire Canyon NV.
          This is how they turned out after being save from a bad pot of GW Agrellan Badlands.
          On the first try I am close enough to call them good. The black or gray rocks will be picked out to match the color of those in the container. The suit bases are next. After that, choosing a color for base edging is next.

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