Friday, February 17, 2017

Sudan Project Egyptian Artillery part I and WIP

         All minis are Strelets. I do not remember what set they came from. The dudes were de-sprued last year.

          Both these color plates were lift straight from Flaherty. My Egyptians will be base from these two images.

          The second picture was originally a card from smokes??? Any way it is labeled wrong. It is an Artillery Officer, Not Horse.

The Uniforms look too yellow after the wash. I will have to dry brush them out.
 More of this month's WIP. British Wounded markers, Dervish skirmishers, and World Eaters' Objectives.
Everything is super shiny, because I use Army Painter's Strong Tone dip. The dip being resin based strengthens the plastic minis. Without the dip, they will chip. They will receive rough handling as I will host Sudan games one day. The dip protects against even being stepped on.

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