Tuesday, July 16, 2013

War Hound Titans II

          The 3rd ed hound will be painted in 4 stages. The base and legs, the body, head, and lastly the weapons. The spotted armor plates are going to be a challenge. I started with a field blue base coat, 2nd coat had white added, and this was followed by a med grey wash.
         Next came the spots, same white. The first round of spots were too few and far apart. After studying the pictures, the number of spot were tripled. Also my spots were smaller. Ah whatever.  Then a wash of the med grey with the field blue mixed in.

         The head base coat was GW foundation yellow. The eyes are blue now, but I think I will redo them red

         The 1st ed hound is more grey than blue. I have worked on the base a little and block in the base colors.

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