Wednesday, July 10, 2013

War Hound Titan

          I have had this hound laying around for a long time. With the up coming re-release of his big brother, Reaver,  I am finally getting around to working on him. The hound is a good casting, lots of detail. The interior is completely kitted out. Too sad for it is a gaming piece for me and not a showcase model.

         These titans will be painted in the Legio Gryphonicus winter scheme.
Standard colors
Winter Sheme

Old School

          This titan is fast and prowls the battlefield. To get this look the legs have been pinned straight through to aid in the proper positioning of the feet and hips. I will be pinning the upper body also.

          Here he sits primed white with the head and carapace glued on.

         For lost glories and missed sales I GW 1st ed War hound will be painted up a long side. I got this hound from a collection bought last year. He was assembled and primed. I just stuck him down on a base.

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