Monday, July 1, 2013

PEAT III Tounament results

          The Pennsylvania Epic Armageddon Tournament III was held at at Dragonhead Distributors Hobby Shop. Dragonhead  Good location, right off the highway. ( with that said it is a bitch to find. Drive in to the parking lot and head for the train display. Second building on the left. They are the first door on the left.)
          Huge massive playing space. Big plus it has AC! They have everything but not much of it. Also they sell new and used items. I got two used books in VG for next to nothing. Another player picked up hero quest in like new condition.
          The owners are very supportive and flexible. They opened early and closed late for us. They also advertised the event somewhat. These are some things owners in the past, in my experience, have been complete cocks about.
           Down side, there is no good place to eat or get drinks. 5 minutes away is a CVS. You have to leave site. Also it is a no beer playing store.

           My PEAT III list was built on basically two tactics. One Scipio's stacked flank march, and Hannibal's refuse the center.  This is very abstract for epic. My bikes, speeders were to act as cavalry and the scouts and pelests. The phal to be my dev and tacs. The elephants the two war hounds. 

           Game one was with Chris. He had a Lamentors list with lighting air cover. Sweet army with crazy free hand details throughout. I lost, squarely beaten. I did learn 3 things. One I should have stuck to my original per deployment notes. Shifting a tactical det to the center caused my right flank to collapse faster. Two I did not follow my game plan, I reacted. Three, and best of all Chris gave me a first hand lesson in bike tactics.
           The refuse center tactic is heavily dependent on the other guys deployment. What they bring does not matter so much. Because of this, the list would need to an additional scout unit and then you would have to pray those scouts sucked the other guy in. I am shelving this one for now.

          Game two was with Matt. He played plague marines with air cover. A visually stunning army. I won. The win truly belongs to Chris. As I applied my bike usage lesson for a turn 2 surrender. My dice were stupid hot and Matt had a bit of shitty luck with his termies. Lots of credit to Matt. After the termies bit it and his left flank crushed, he mounted a extremely well put together blitz up my left flank. Only a terrain choke point grinded his efforts enough to let me refocus and shift assets.

         Again I ran my refuse center tactic. Matt was more then nice to deep strike and summon on my center. This was not a very good test of the tactic either.

          Game three was with Ron. He played sisters with 2 SHTs. An army he knew very well. I lost this too. It was a great game with the win swing back and forth with each activation. 

          In this game I ran Scipio's stacked right flank assault. At the end of turn one, Ron was in for a beat down. Two units in the foam and 3 more at half strength. He rallied, stopped me cold. My left was holding but no threat. The center gone, and the right was my wheat field. The dice went cold. Unit after unit was cut down. I made no saves, hit nothing, and fail every combat res.
          The end saw two super heavies were eliminating my left, the right had 4 of his units broken with two fresh units just off "center right" in sole control of the center and the right. Everything on my right was broken or dead. I surrendered end of turn two. 

          This was the first sisters army I have played against.The sister's list use a faith roll. You pass on anything but a 1 and become invulnerable. If you fail, -1 to your activation roll. I don't know if it did anything but smelled like cheese and was hard to keep track of. It slowed the game down and quickly became an action Ron was taking that I stop paying attention to.

          I believe if the dice were just average, not hot, Scipio's stack right flank tactic would have won the game. It will be very interesting to see if I can get the same result next time I try it.

W 1 L 2 D 0

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