Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Humidity, matt spray sealer, and the save!

          It has been raining and above normal temperatures for weeks and weeks. My last go around ruined, ruined all my hard work. Not so much hard work, but I pissed away what little time I do get to paint. End results; the primer got tossed and the models well. This is where Jimmy from Taccom saved the day. He gave me the gloss trick.  Zero to Hero!

          Why force the issue. I am crazy and there is nothing to lose. On to Jimmy's trick. If your seal turns to fog or white all over your model. Let it dry out good. Then hit it with gloss vanish. Magically it returns to normal looking. No shit! I am totally stunned.
         I used Testors pro gloss and GW matt afterwards.



           My yellows toned down and the gunmetal looks crappy. One or two quick highlights, then I should be good to go.

Blood Angels tanks pre

Blood Angels tanks post

Red Scorpion tanks post

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