Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trying my luck with humidity

          I was crazy that nothing was getting finish and packed away. I tried to seal some BAs with matte spray. One side of the mini looks great, the other looks as if I used white primer. You can see how truly bad it is on the Stormraven's clear flight stand.

          I will try to save most of them. The predator need to be stripped. Yep, you big dummy. Rework blows!

 jimmyzimms from Taccom to save the day!!!!!
Regarding your fun with the matt varnish: have you tried the gloss coat trick on them yet? It usually does the trick. It'd suck to see that Flying Lunchbox have to get a dip in the stripper.
Basically you usually can spray the model with the cloudy matt varnish with a really good quality gloss varnish and let it dry dry dry. Then you should be able to wait for a not humid day and repspray with matt. Most of the time the cloudiness will go away. Not guaranteed fix but works more times than not. Also the gloss is better at protecting your paint job so there's that bonus :)

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