Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Returning from Vacation

         Going back to work blows. Coming back and dropping into an Epic tourney and with Historicon around the corner has me twisted. I want to finish the M&T, but there Epic bits floating about and Romans that came while I was gone.
         I am starting with the Epic stuff to fill the gap between the tourneys and cons. My Blood Angles' army had holes in it. I bummed the missing units from another army. A yellow marine army. I plowed through the boxes of epic lead. 2 razorbacks, 2 hunters, and a detachment of dev. In my searching I found a detachment of death company half finished.
          The BAs army is half matte sealed and half not. Once the rain stops and the humidity drops the whole lot is getting sealed again.

         Also I noticed that my terrain started to show wear. Some of the building are chipping. After the repairs are made, this time I am going to coat them in a clear poly. The poly is tough and provides a great protection barrier to the paint jobs.
         The weather is messing with me. Our humidity is crazy high. I am unwilling to spray now. Humidity does bad, bad things to primer and matte sprays.


 I very broke friend wants me to paint up his army. I said I would do it for free, but he is stubborn and must pay me. His Red Scorpions are getting some attention here and there.

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