Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Paint stirring sticks, boxes, and spears

          I paint while traveling for work. In doing so I drag minis all over the world. Normally a short trip will fit in my traveling GW case. Longer trips a pack a large GW case. This is all well and good if painting 28-15mm dudes. Or if healing too much lead, my carry on is heavy enough to break a Peruvian sherpa.
          Once you start packing 10s or dudes mounted to speed painting sticks another container is needed. If not, they all pop off the sticks.
        All my old school sticks have metal glued to the bottom and they travel in a plastic lunch box with a magnet sheet in the bottom.
        Now that I am gearing up for 10mm ancients, I need a new system. My spears are getting smashed, bent, and broken. I had been using popsicle sticks for 10s and layering them into a small Chessex case. This method bends the crap out of every single spear. It sucks.

        The change came about when I went balls deep into 10mm samurai. Castle Arts' samurai, now out of production. Can't be replaced. Bent spears and busted off flags can't happen. How to travel with them?
        This time out Home depot special. 10 pack of house paint stirring sticks for 1.99. Plastic small parts box for 1.99. The sticks I snapped in half. Which is the perfect length for the boxes.

         The little thingies that hold the dividers squeeze the stir stick just enough that there is zero shifting around in side. Some foam on top stop any abuse from bags getting tossed around while traveling.

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