Monday, January 7, 2019

Epic IF and BA add ons

          Last of the Epic stuff being finished off before breaking out the 30K World Eaters. One more detachment of speeders for the IF army. Every slot in their case is full. The Fists are complete for now. Only thing missing to field every option is the AA platforms.

Metal squares were added to the bottom as a counter weight.

The army as it stands today;

         The Blood Angels never see the light of day. They are one of my largest space marine armies. All old school as they were the first army painted? Maybe.
          Sadly they rarely get taken out. Mostly due to the list never getting settled. There is some constant fight over the stormraven gunship. Which is exactly what has been sitting on my paint table for years. Now all of them are done.
          The BAs need some BA specific objectives and then I can say they are done. Yet somewhere hide is a box of the Italian's Blood Angel sculpts.

 I also got around to finishing the tractor part of the trailer trucks.

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